What’s Been Going On Recently for Lance

hello augustHey Everyone, Lance Bachmann here. It’s been a great July 2014 so far and even though it’s almost over, August is shaping up to be a really great month, both personally and professionally. I really wanted to get an update out on some of the happening over the last few weeks in the Lance Bachmann world.

What’s New with Lance Bachmann?

Over at 1seo.com, we’re introducing new employees and growing even more. We’re looking to expand our operations in Quarter 1 2015 and see how much we can grow and do some incredible things for the great businesses of Philadelphia, the Delaware Valley and of course all over the world. I have a new video up over at LanceBachmann.com talking about Google Penalties and Google changes. You can view that here: GOOGLE PENALTY AND CHANGES

Dealing with Ripoff Report, Bad Press, Reputation Management

In the coming months, I want to address doing business online, dealing with Ripoff Report, Bad Press and Reputation hits online. Most people are unaware how to address this and I am planning to do something in the future to help others address it.

1seo.com in Forbes Magazine.

Wow, what an honor. 1seo.com was featured in Forbes magazine in an article on economic recovery in the great state of Pennsylvania. We were proud to be in Forbes and it shows how far as a company we’ve come. Check out the article here: Forbes Magazine – 1seo.com That’s it for now. Check back when you can, be sure to visit my site, LanceBachmann.com, check out my LinkedIn page HERE, and keep doing big things!


Lance Bachmann on Lebron James Going To Cleveland

News just broke about Lebron James going back to Cleveland to play basketball for the Cavaliers.  In the story on ESPN he mentions making the choice because of family, namely his wife and children. He wants to go home and raise his kids home and be with his family and friends where he called home so many years.

As a father and a business owner, I can certainly relate to wanting to be closer to your family. I am lucky to own a great company like 1seo.com and have family working with me and my family and sons able to come by to visit “daddy” at the office. I couldn’t imagine being anywhere but Philadelphia and be anywhere without my family close by.

I applaud Lebron for making the hard choice to put family over staying at Miami and it must be great to be a Cleveland fan again right now. It’s only too bad he didn’t sign with the Sixers here in Philly.

Good Luck!

Welcome to my Blog!

Hello all! Thanks for checking out my new WordPress Blog.

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